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How Can I Make My Dentures Fit Better?

July 28, 2017

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Implant-retained dentures can rebuild your smile better than anything. You have a love/hate relationship with your dentures, but the “hate” part tends to become stronger as the years go by. You need them in order to look, speak, and eat normally, but they are just so uncomfortable. They move around in your mouth, and this severely irritates your gums. Plus, all this movement makes it nearly impossible for you to eat everything you like. What is causing this? Better yet, what can you do to fix it? Today, we’re going to discuss why dentures tend to lose their fit and what you can do to give yourself a smile you can truly rely on.

Why Dentures Change

Dentures have been used to replace multiple missing teeth for hundreds of years in one iteration or another. A common problem denture-wearers face is that while their new teeth may fit for a few years, that tends to change as time goes by. Eventually, they become loose, which can irritate the gums and make small, everyday things like speaking and chewing difficult. This is because dentures only replace the visible portions of the teeth. Because your jaw isn’t actually supporting any tooth roots, it starts to naturally atrophy, and this changes the shape of your gums over time, and therefore how your dentures fit. This is inevitable even if someone takes really good care of their mouth and dentures. Ultimately, the denture will become non-functional, and a person will have to undertake the time and expense to have a new one made.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in dental prosthetics, patients can now get a new kind of denture that won’t just fit better, but last much longer and provide more function as well.

The Future of Dentures

Now, a patient can get something called an implant-retained denture. Unlike other dentures that are held in place with small metal clasps or denture adhesive, implant-retained dentures are anchored directly to the jawbone using strong titanium posts. These posts help recreate the lost tooth roots, and they not only provide the denture with an extremely secure fit, but this also ensures the fit will stay consistent for a long, long time. This is because they provide the natural internal support the jaw needs to maintain its shape and remain healthy and strong. No other denture can accomplish this!

Plus, because of its stability, this kind of denture also provides better function. Speaking will feel more natural, and you’ll also have a much stronger bite force compared to traditional dentures, enabling you to eat a wider variety of healthy foods with ease.

How Can I Get Implant-Retained Dentures?

The first step is to contact a dentist in your area who provides dental implants. You’ll first come in for a consultation, and they’ll evaluate your mouth and determine if an implant-retained denture is right for you. If it is, they’ll begin the process of placing your dental implants and designing your denture. This can take up to several months, but the benefits can last a lifetime.

Thanks to implant-retained dentures, you don’t have to settle for a smile you can’t rely on. They’ll give you a set of teeth you can trust day to day, and you’ll always be ready to smile with confidence.

About the Author

Dr. John Boyd is a general, cosmetic, and implant dentist based in Fort Worth, TX. He has over 25 years of experience rebuilding people’s smiles with dental implants, and he (along with his patients) are simply amazed at the kind of long term results that can be achieved with implant-retained dentures. He currently practices at West 7th Smiles, and he can be contacted via his website or at (817) 882-8282.

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