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Are your metal fillings ruining your smile?

February 10, 2016

metal fillingsVintage is always in — classic cars, music and clothes remind us of a simpler time, where true quality was valued. But you know what’s not such a good throwback? Those old metal fillings. Not only do they mar your beautiful smile, but they can actually contribute some pretty serious dental problems, like breakage and even further decay. Fortunately, Dr. John G. Boyd and the team at West 7th Smiles replaces metal fillings for white, or composite fillings in one simple procedure. Keep reading to learn more about the treatment and whether it’s right for your smile!

Tooth-colored fillings are better for your smile

These days, there’s really no reason you should still have metal, or amalgam, fillings. The benefits of replacing them are numerous — it’s better for your smile confidence as well as your oral health. We’ve listed a few of the advantages of having your metal fillings replaced with white fillings. Can you think of any more to add to the list? If so, please let us know about it in the comments below!

#1: Tooth-colored fillings blend with your smile

No one wants to display the number of fillings they’ve had when they laugh or speak, but that’s exactly what happens when your teeth are filled with silver. Many patients choose to replace their fillings for cosmetic reasons, but there are many other benefits to choosing replacement…

#2: Silver fillings hide cracks and decay

One of the biggest flaws of metal fillings is that they make future problems in the affected tooth, like cracks and decay, almost impossible to spot — even with x-rays. And left ignored, cracks and decay can lead to some very serious issues later on.

#3: Potential health concerns

While the FDA has ruled amalgam safe for use in filling cavities, many patients are increasingly worried about mercury exposure from the material — and we understand their motivations for switching their fillings for composite-resin ones.

#4: White fillings are stronger

Because white fillings bond directly to the tooth structure, they’re actually stronger than silver fillings — and that makes the tooth filled with composite resin stronger overall, too.

Learn about filling replacement at West 7th Smiles today!

If you’re interested in having your fillings replaced with composite resin, please don’t wait to learn more from Dr. John G. Boyd, your trusted dentist in Fort Worth. We perform filling replacements almost every day — so call us and get started on your smile transformation!

Contact us to request your appointment today!

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