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Restoring Smiles with Implant Retained Dentures in Fort Worth

Patients with dentures frequently report experiencing pain or discomfort in the gums due to excess pressure from dentures, slipping and sliding of their prosthetic while eating and speaking, and changes in facial shape. Even with these faults, dentures have been the preferred tooth replacement method for edentulous (without teeth) patients. Because they only replace the visible portions of teeth, dentures lack the necessary support to look, feel, and function like natural dental structures. Dental implant retained dentures restore both the visible portion of teeth and the underlying root structure. By replacing the entire tooth, implant retained dentures relieve pressure that breaks down gum tissue, give added stability to dental prosthetics that are anchored firmly to the jaw, and provide stimulation to the underlying jawbone to promote the retention of bone density preserving natural facial shape.

The Dental Implant Process

During an initial consultation, the team at West 7th Smiles examines dental structure, gum tissue, bone density, and oral health to ensure patients can safely and successfully receive dental implants. If dental implants are the best option, patients plan their treatment. The first step is typically the placement of dental implants. These titanium posts are placed below the gum line mimicking the tooth root, and providing support for a dental prosthetic. Depending on a patient’s bone density, jaw size and shape, and the type of prosthetic to be supported, implants are placed along the jawline to provide optimal stability. Implant placement is a surgical procedure, and patients will need time to heal following treatment. Additionally, the implants provide optimal support after they have time to fuse with the jawbone, a process known as osseointegration. Once gum tissue has healed and the osseointegration process is complete, patients return to the office to have their denture attached to the implant posts. Patients who previously wore traditional, removable dentures often use their existing prosthetic with modifications. Patients also have the option to permanently place the prosthetic, or keep their prosthetic removable.

Benefits of Implant Supported Tooth Replacement

  • Bone density retention – the implant mimics the root system stimulating the jawbone and retaining density. Bone loss is one of the most serious side effects of tooth loss, and dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that counters this symptom.
  • Gum tissue volume and health – traditional dentures place a significant amount of pressure on sensitive gum tissue. Over the course of wear, gum tissue begins to recede changing the shape of the face, and leading patients to resize dentures on a regular basis. Dental implants provide support for gum tissue, and protect soft tissue from excessive pressure from dental prosthetics.
  • Better chewing ability – patients who switch from a traditional denture to an implant retained prosthetic regain 70% or more of their chewing ability.
  • Easy cleaning – permanently attached dentures can be brushed and cleaned with a waterpik like natural teeth, and those patients who choose a removable denture can continue cleaning the denture as they would a traditional prosthetic.
  • Wear 24/7 – unlike traditional dentures, permanently attached implant retained dentures do not place excess pressure on gum tissue or need to be removed for cleaning, so patients are able to wear their prosthetic day and night.

Find out more about Implant Retained Dentures

If you’re unhappy with your denture or reviewing tooth replacement options, contact West 7th Smiles to schedule a dental implant consultation today.