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Invisalign Braces in Fort Worth

If you’ve ever looked at a year book from the 60s or 70s you probably noticed different hair styles and clothing types, but did you notice there were a lot more senior photos with bulky metal braces? Innovations in orthodontic care mean that patients receive orthodontic intervention at younger ages, with less bulky, conspicuous braces, and complete their treatment more quickly. Still, imagining those black and white or sepia toned images of braces made from large, square brackets and thick wires prevents many patients from seeking orthodontic care. If you avoided straightening out your smile because you didn’t want the hassle or embarrassment of traditional, metallic braces, have metal allergies, or simply couldn’t devote the time to frequent orthodontist visits, the Invisalign clear braces system may be the right orthodontic option for you.

The Invisalign Braces System

Invisalign was the first orthodontic treatment to utilize alignment trays, and is proven to produce predictably beautiful results. The Invisalign orthodontic system is quick, easy, and effective. Most patients complete the process within a year with half as many office visits compared to traditional braces. The first step to Invisalign treatment is scheduling a consultation with the West 7th Smiles team. Our skilled dentist examines teeth, and makes treatment recommendations. In some cases, patients’ concerns can be corrected more easily with a different cosmetic or restorative dentistry service, and some patients’ smiles cannot be corrected using Invisalign. If we determine that Invisalign is the right option to perfect your smile, the treatment process is simple.

  • Your Fort Worth dentist takes x-rays, digital photos, and dental impressions, determines what your ideal alignment will be, and sends the information to the Invisalign lab where a series of clear plastic alignment trays is manufactured based on this information.
  • Once your tray system is completed, you return to our Fort Worth dental practice. The dentist places the first set of trays to ensure they fit comfortably, and establishes the schedule for your treatment.
  • Every few weeks you’ll need to exchange your set of alignment trays for a new set, and about every two months you’ll visit West 7th Smiles. The dentist examines your teeth to ensure treatment is progressing as planned. After 10 to 18 months, treatment is complete.

Benefits of Invisalign Orthodontics

Compared with even the smaller, more conspicuous metal or ceramic braces systems, Invisalign offers patients the ability to straighten teeth while maintaining their beautiful smiles. Some of the benefits of orthodontic treatment using the Invisalign clear braces system include being:

  • Fast – Treatment is typically completed within a year saving patients several months compared to regular braces. Additionally, because there are no wires to adjust, Invisalign requires fewer office visits, and the necessary visits are much shorter.
  • Comfortable – Patients who tried traditional orthodontic treatment before switching to Invisalign report experiencing much less discomfort during treatment. Even the smallest brackets and wires can irritate soft tissue, and many people find the “pulling” sensation of braces adjustment painful especially compared with the gentle pressure of Invisalign aligners.
  • Removable – Patients remove alignment trays during meals and while cleaning teeth, so there’s no need to avoid certain foods or deal with the complicated tooth brushing and flossing techniques associated with traditional braces.

Find out More from Your Invisalign Dentist – West 7th Smiles

If you’re interested in finding out more about Invisalign orthodontics, contact West 7th Smiles to schedule your orthodontic consultation.