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Fort Worth Sleep Apnea Treatment

sleep apnea treatment

Sleep apnea is a common condition that takes a toll on your quality of life and overall health when left untreated. West 7th Smiles is committed to not only ensuring your oral health, but your overall health as well. We offer two treatments for sleep apnea to help you regain your quality of sleep and life. While CPAP machines are commonly used, we offer a CPAP alternative with our sleep apnea treatment options. Using the TAP Solution or E-Appliance, you’ll sleep soundly at night to treat apnea effectively with an oral device.

TAP Solution

For those who have obstructive sleep apnea that causes chronic snoring, the TAP solution is a revolutionary new device that’s used as an anti-snore guard. The device is similar to a standard mouth guard, however, it was developed with advanced dental technology to treat apnea without the use of a CPAP machine, surgeries or medications.

As the first appliance of its kind to allow patient adjustability for a more precise level of treatment, the airways are kept open. By keeping the airways open, there’s decreased collapsing to maintain airflow while reducing snoring. The device works by keeping the lower jaw in a forward position. In this position, the airways are unable to collapse, promoting your ability to breath properly to sleep soundly at night.


The E-Appliance is another alternative to a CPAP machine that’s fairly simple, yet revolutionary. The device is used to reduce many complications associated with sleep apnea caused from tooth grinding, such as joint pain, headaches and toothaches. The appliance decreases the grinding that causes discomfort, as well as reduces added pressure on the teeth. With the oral appliance, you’ll prevent muscular and joint pain in the masticatory system. This allows you to not only sleep more soundly, but wake up feeling refreshed with decreased complications of apnea.

The non-invasive, simple treatment is proven to reduce clenching and grinding of the teeth to reduce the pressure that causes broken and damaged teeth. As a result, tooth pain and sensitivity are reduced while preventing a relapse of orthodontic care. By stopping the unwanted pressure from grinding the teeth, you keep your airways open while your sleep. With clear airways, your interruptions in breathing will become fewer for a restful night’s sleep without disruption.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Fort Worth

West 7th Smiles strives to provide various treatment options to ensure your comfort. We offer alternatives to CPAP machines with oral devices for sleep apnea treatment. We understand that each case of apnea is different, and each patient has their own personal preference when it comes to comfort. This is why we take the time to get to know you and your individual comfort levels to cater a treatment plan for your satisfaction.

Using the TAP Solution or E-Appliance, you’ll once again sleep soundly at night to reduce the complications of sleep apnea. You’ll wake up feeling confident and refreshed to start your day off right. Let West 7th Smiles help you treat sleep apnea. Call our office at (817) 402-2119 to schedule a consultation.